BP Pro Newsletter: January 2023

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It's the New Year and we're starting the year off with a bang by bringing you some important insights into questions your patients have about blisters. Hope you enjoy these tips on effective blister treatments and put them to good use!



Blister Treatment Mistakes

There are six common blister treatment mistakes your patients should avoid if they want their foot blisters to feel better and heal faster.

  1. Not treating the blister at all
  2. Not applying an antiseptic
  3. Putting tape straight over the blister
  4. Putting a hydrocolloid blister plaster on an intact or torn blister roof
  5. “Letting the air get to it” so it scabs over
  6. Failing to implement some kind of prevention

This article highlights all six with the help of photos and social media. Do your utmost to help your patients avoid all of these so their blisters can get better rather than worse!


"Quick fix" band-aid solution

Your patients think that blister treatment just means covering it with a band-aid. This is fine when the blister is small and doesn't cause too much discomfort.

But most of the time, the "blister first aid" approach doesn't always provide the relief they need.

Learn the difference between Blister First Aid versus Blister Treatment here.


Everything you ever wanted to know about draining blisters

Podiatrists ask my opinion on this frequently. Your patients are curious too. Watch this video to have the answers ready for when they ask you.


Blisters in high-heels

Australian singer-songwriter Kate Miller-Heidke ended up in hospital with cellulitis from an infected foot blister while at Eurovision a few years ago. So, if your patient is downplaying the risks, content with ignoring their occasional (or frequent) foot blisters, tell them about Kate.

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Kate Miller-Heidke
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May 8th 2019


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