BP Pro Newsletter: November 2022

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Hi Reader,

I'm sharing a couple of Blister Prevention Techniques and Treatment Products this November! Your patients need to know that there are more effective products for their blister problems than ineffective "Band-Aid" solutions, or worse still, simply putting up with them.

Read on to get to know some of them!




Talc and starch powders only absorb 13-17% water. The resulting “paste” is abrasive and blister-causing. So it’s not a great choice for sweaty feet, hot/humid environments or athletic/endurance activities. The exception is 2Toms Blistershield powder. It isn’t a talc or starch powder - it’s made from PTFE and it doesn’t absorb any water.


ENGO Patches

There's nothing more annoying than your orthosis causing blisters under your patient's arch! What’s a quick fix for orthotic arch irritation? ENGO Patches.

The knee-jerk reaction for podiatrists is for us to reduce the height or stiffness of the orthosis. While this may reduce pressure in one way, it may increase pressure or even increase bone movement. So, before compromising your orthosis prescription, reduce the coefficient of friction (COF) with an ENGO Patch.

You can get ENGO Patches on my website!


Preventing Maceration

🤔 What socks, shoes or topical applications are best for preventing maceration?

In prolonged immersion scenarios, like the south end of the Bibbulmun Track here in WA, I recommend waterproof socks like DexShell or SealSkinz, taped to the leg. It might seem over the top, but once your feet are macerated, you're done. The big picture.

Preventing maceration is about keeping your feet dry. Dry from water coming into the shoe from the outside and dry from intrinsic moisture sources.



Let's take a closer look at a new blister product from the UK called PelliTec Blister Prevention Pads. They are an alternative to the ENGO Patches.


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